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A little about us.

Mue originated as an admin homepage designed to motivate article writers for a news site. Built in 2017, it had features such as beautiful backgrounds and inspirational quotes. A year later, we turned it into a standalone product in the form of a new tab page browser extension. We made it open-source to encourage contributions and provide transparency into how the extension works in case there were privacy concerns. Over the years, we have added many new features to it and it has gathered attention from websites that have written about it as well as growing to over 1000 users.

The Team





The Team

The people who design and develop Mue.

David Ralph avatarDavid RalphLead Developer
Alex Sparkes avatarAlex SparkesLead Designer
Isaac Saunders avatarIsaac SaundersQA, Developer
Wessel Tip avatarWessel TipDeveloper


These are very generous individuals who support Mue's development and associated costs.

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